We are a community

We come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of philanthropy, but we are all committed to learning and personal growth. We want to keep improving out of a sense of shared responsibility for our common future as citizens of the young Central and Eastern European democracies.

Theory of change

The young democracies of Central and Eastern Europe harbor enormous potential. To unleash it, we need to create conditions for systemic change – through thoughtful, long-term collaboration between philanthropists, funders and social entrepreneurs.


This is how we started

Philanthropy for Impact has been incubated within the EFC Foundation – a family foundation established in 2009 by Mr. Andrzej Czernecki, Polish entrepreneur and philanthropist.
Mr. Czernecki’s decision to set up an endowment fund – a radical move at the time – allowed the foundation to support young students on their path towards education.

Fast forward a decade, Mr. Czernecki’s sons are continuing his love for philanthropy. The foundation starts to convene the domestic philanthropic sector and publishes a report on the state of Polish philanthropy.

In 2022, EFC Foundation teams up with Ashoka and The Flying Mind to organise an experimental edition of the Learning Journey. Upon its success Philanthropy for Impact is born with the mission to:

Empower people of means to take responsibility for the democratic resilience of Central and Eastern Europe