Igor Czernecki interviewed by Forbes

Igor Czernecki interviewed by Forbes 925 925 Philanthropy for Impact

In an interview for Forbes magazine Igor Czernecki, founder of Philanthropy for Impact commented on the conceptual origins of the program and its ambitions.

„Ten years ago, my father, Andrzej Czernecki, founder of the EFC Foundation, died. Most of the money he earned was transferred to the foundation’s endowment in his will. It is worth noting that he made this gesture three years before Bill Gates and Warren Buffett came out with the initiative The Giving Pledge. In order to commemorate the deed of Andrzej Czernecki, the Polish Business Roundtable awarded our foundation. It was a commitment for us – if there is a prize, we must respond to it constructively”.
This is how the Philanthropy for Impact program was created. We assume that wealthy people who have benefited from thirty years of the free market, democracy and independent courts should effectively engage in the development of civil society.” – said Igor Czernecki.

Full interview available here [in Polish].