Learning Journey


Learning Journey is an intensive two-month executive education program for active and aspiring philanthropists. Its key objective is to increase individual and collective capacity to lead and support system-level change in times of increased uncertainty and complexity.


By embarking on the Learning Journey you will:


Learn how to exercise leadership, foster inquiry and dialogue to create holding environment that allows for risk-taking. Master the distinctions between technical and adaptive challenges or between functions of authority and leadership to craft effective interventions.


Develop and refine individual purpose to be able to engage in philanthropic endeavors in harmony with your personal motivations, experiences and ambitions. As the program expands, it will create a community of practice from all over CEE, united by common objectives and shared passion.


Understand the mechanics of system-level interventions, so as to maximize the effectiveness of your philanthropic interventions. Through a holistic approach targeting the causes of significant problems, your philanthropy will have the potential to catalyze enduring, transformational changes.

Our faculty

You will learn with the best

Learning Journey is a programme best suited for:

  • Wealth holders, and family members involved with philanthropy
  • Family office and family foundations managers
  • Founders and entrepreneurs who want to get started in philanthropy
  • Philanthropy advisors and consultants

What others are saying:


Philanthropy for Impact is a space for mental gymnastics. It encourages critical thinking and presents tough challenges, which ultimately provide us with important and unforgettable lessons. If you are ready for an adventure that will stay with you for a long time – where you establish close relation- ships, activate critical thinking and learn about adaptive leadership – Philanthropy for Impact is for you!

Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz, Owner and CEO of Concordia Design


Our classes gave me an international „helicopter view” and great insights that I use in my day-to-day practice. Philanthropy for Impact allowed me to develop a new community focused on building and cultivating democracy in Central and Eastern Europe via philanthropy.

Martina Břeňová, Director of Open Society Fund Prague


The Learning Journey is the perfect experience for people who are already advanced in their careers and committed to philanthropy. By taking you out of the daily grind, the programme gives you a chance to ’zoom out’, focus, and reexamine your plans to make them more impactful and produce real systemic change. Classes with Harvard faculty and shared experience with peers is both intellectually emotionally rewarding. This programme will give leaders who feel ’lonely at the top’ knowledge, inspiration and energy.

Hanna Waśko, CEO and Founder of Big Picture

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