PFI’s Learning Journey: Three pillars

PFI’s Learning Journey: Three pillars 2400 1600 Philanthropy for Impact

• a systems-level approach to change
• adaptive leadership
• finding one’s purpose

The first pillar focuses on the fundamental mechanics of system-level interventions. Participants learn how to obtain, analyse, and use data to ascertain interventions’ effectiveness. They will understand that, through a holistic approach targeting problems’ causes, their philanthropy has the potential to catalyse enduring, transformational change. We support the transfer of knowledge by facilitating peer-to-peer learning through relationships with philanthropists who have brought about lasting and meaningful change. We also help participants form relationships with exemplary organisations doing transformative work worldwide by inviting their leaders to share their experience and vision.

The second pillar focuses on the skills and capacities at the heart of adaptive leadership. Participants learn the key concepts underlying adaptive leadership theory, including the distinction between functions of authority and leadership; the difference between “adaptive” and “technical” challenges; the characteristics of an effective leadership intervention; and the centrality of purpose to leadership. Immersed in this interactive programme, participants develop the following skills: the ability to reflect in action; create, negotiate, and maintain a holding environment that encourages multiple interpretations; craft interventions that reveal and address hidden assumptions; unravel and diagnose factional loyalties and dynamics; and foster inquiry and dialogue, making it safe for people to share openly and take risks.

The third pillar focuses on finding, developing, and refining one’s purpose so that participants can engage in philanthropic endeavors in harmony with their personal motivations, experiences, and ambitions. As the programme expands, it will create a community of practice from all over Central and Eastern Europe, united by common objectives and shared passion.