Introducing: Philanthropy for Impact 2022

Introducing: Philanthropy for Impact 2022 3672 2448 Philanthropy for Impact

The program’s main aim is to improve the leadership skills of current and aspiring philanthropists

Philanthropy for Impact is an educational program developed by Ashoka, the Flying Mind Foundation and the Roman Czernecki Educational Foundation (EFC Foundation). The program’s main aim is to improve the leadership skills of current and aspiring philanthropists in Central and Eastern Europe, giving them the tools they need to support change in an uncertain and increasingly complex world.

During this year’s sessions in Brussels and London, participants will not be inundated with theoretical details. The PFI program is focused on action, practice and impact.

Philanthropic leadership can play a uniquely powerful and creative role in shaping the future of the region. The goal of Philanthropy for Impact is to equip wealthy individuals with the leadership capacities required to shape this future and to build pathways for the next generation of philanthropic change agents.

Hugh O’Doherty
Philanthropy for Impact and Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

After completing this year’s program, through access to tested tools and networks, it will be easier for participants to decide where and how to allocate funds to achieve change. They will also discover credible sources of data on philanthropic and social activity.

This year’s program is for people who are already philanthropists, run a foundation, or want to support major social causes and are eager to learn. Experts from the international Ashoka network and Harvard will be there to assist them.

Ashoka’s recommendations offer a roadmap for foundations that believe in systemic change but are unsure where to begin. We live in tough times and face many different challenges – social, economic and environmental. This calls for bold action.

Claude Pinard
Mirella et Lino Saputo Foundation